About – Untold African Truth

Slavery took us from our homes and spread us around the globe, but regardless of your location, you are African first. We may try to hide under the guise of so many reasons, it doesn’t change the fact that we are Africans; whether your skin is black, brown, orange or white; you are African genetically.

For most people that live in the Diaspora, there is a sense of disconnect because we know so little about our history, culture, tradition, and beliefs. They are archaic, not developed, but they are who we are. If anybody can change who we are, it is us.

For centuries, we have bowed down to a white “master” to advance, and centuries later, we are still bowing down to them. We have a space in the world; it can only work if we come together. If our voices are resounding as one, if we only recognize that the next black, brown or orange skin sitting next to you on the tarmac, taxi, bus or in class is a brother/sister- and that they are part of one big family.

If we are going to survive and bring down the white supremacy, we have to have solidarity and be willing to fight the liberation battles. However, this is not a halfway fight, we have to bear the brunt and take it to the end.

Who we are

Untold African Truth aims at educating the larger population of Africans in the Diaspora and around the globe to support a movement where our voices can be heard without compromising our beliefs, cultures, and history.

Our Mission

▪ To inspire the African community in the Diaspora to be more inclined and interested in black history.

▪ To help more black communities relate with more Africans around the globe and support one another through business, education, communication, and love.

▪ Calling on all black people in the Diaspora to buy our books, clothing and support black run establishments.

▪ To teach the upcoming black generation a bit more about our history to build a solid black community that we can pursue and grow to compete with the rest of the world.

▪ To eradicate this feeling of “self-hatred” and unforgiveness that is tearing us apart and foster a more genuine and loveable relation with one another.

▪ To help African in the Diaspora and even at home build their confidence with better understanding and compassion for each other.

Our Goal

▪ Get more Africans in the Diaspora talking and communicating with one another through support groups, societies, programs, and empowerment to move us further in our quest for unity.

▪ To change our “I can’t do it mentality” by remaining as slaves to the so-called masters just to make it in life.

▪ To get more Africans reading, talking, and spreading the African gospel of love and care beginning with ourselves

We are all over the world, which should count as a way to establish ourselves, but instead, we are separating from the links and ties that bound us together. Books, travel and business are our biggest connecting points, let’s get educated today.

We can change who we are – we should stop running away from our obligation to our community. It is time to own up and know the Untold African Truth.

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